Below is a list of IBEW Local Unions affiliated with System Council No. 9, the groups of railroaders they represent, and the general territory they cover.


When employed by our affiliated Railroads, members of these Local Unions are represented by that Local Union and System Council No. 9. To contact any of these Local Unions, click on the Local Union's title.

IBEW #186 - Gary, Indiana

  • CSXT (B&O, B&O-CT) Communications Workers around Chicago, Illinois

  • CSXT Locomotive Electricians at Riverdale, Illinois

  • CSXT (B&O-CT) Road Electricians around Chicago, Illinois

IBEW #311 - Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • CSXT Locomotive Electricians at Boyles (Birmingham), Alabama; Nashville, Tennessee

  • CSXT (L&N) Road Electricians around Birmingham, Alabama; Nashville, Tennessee

IBEW #544 - Hornell, New York

  • CSXT (fmr. Conrail) Communications Workers in western New York

  • CSXT Locomotive Electricians at Buffalo (Frontier), New York

  • CSXT (fmr. Conrail) Road Electricians in western New York

IBEW #549 - Huntington, West Virginia

  • CSXT (C&O) Communications Workers around Russell, Kentucky; Huntington, West Virginia

  • CSXT Locomotive Electricians at Russell, Kentucky; Huntington, West Virginia

  • CSXT (C&O) Road Electricians around Huntington, West Virginia

IBEW #747 - New Haven, Connecticut

  • New England Central Railroad Signal Maintainers in Connecticut; Massachusetts; New Hampshire; Vermont

IBEW #770 - Albany, New York

  • CSXT (fmr. Conrail) Communications Workers in Massachusetts; eastern New York

  • CSXT Locomotive Electricians at Selkirk, New York

  • CSXT (fmr. Conrail) Road Electricians in Massachusetts; eastern New York

IBEW #774 - Cincinnati, Ohio

  • CSXT (B&O, C&O) Communications Workers around Cincinnati, Ohio

  • CSXT Locomotive Electricians at Cincinnati, Ohio

  • CSXT (B&O) Road Electricians around Cincinnati, Ohio

IBEW #784 - Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Canadian National (GTW) Communications Workers in Michigan

  • Canadian National (GTW) Locomotive Electricians at Flat Rock, Michigan

  • Conrail Electricians in Detroit, Michigan

  • Conrail Communications Workers in Detroit, Michigan

  • CSXT (C&O, fmr. Conrail) Communications Workers in Indiana; Michigan

  • CSXT Locomotive Electricians at Avon, Indiana

  • CSXT (C&O, fmr. Conrail) Road Electricians in Indiana; Michigan

IBEW #813 - Roanoke, Virginia

  • CSXT (C&O) Communications Workers in Virginia

  • CSXT (C&O) Road Electricians in Virginia

IBEW #862 - Jacksonville, Florida

  • CSXT (SCL) Communications Workers around Jacksonville, Florida

  • CSXT Locomotive Electricians in Jacksonville, Florida

  • CSXT (SCL) Road Electricians around Jacksonville, Florida

IBEW #865 - Baltimore, Maryland

  • Alstom (MARC) Locomotive and Cab Car Electricians in Baltimore, Brunswick, Maryland; Martinsburg, West Virginia

  • CSXT (B&O) Communications Workers around Baltimore, Maryland

  • CSXT Locomotive Electricians at Baltimore, Maryland

  • CSXT Pier Technicians at Curtis Bay Piers, Baltimore, Maryland

  • CSXT (B&O) Road Electricians around Baltimore, Maryland

IBEW #870 - Cumberland, Maryland

  • CSXT (B&O) Communications Workers around Cumberland, Maryland

  • CSXT Locomotive Electricians at Cumberland, Maryland

  • CSXT (B&O) Road Electricians around Cumberland, Maryland

IBEW #1024 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • CSXT (B&O) Communications Workers in western Pennsylvania

  • CSXT (B&O) Road Electricians in western Pennsylvania

IBEW #1047 - Toledo, Ohio

  • CSXT (B&O, C&O, fmr. Conrail) Communications Workers in northern Ohio

  • CSXT Electricians at Toledo Docks

  • CSXT Locomotive Electricians at Walbridge, Ohio

  • CSXT (B&O. C&O, fmr. Conrail) Road Electricians in northern Ohio

IBEW #1108 - Willard, Ohio

  • CSXT (B&O) Communications Workers around Willard, Ohio

  • CSXT Locomotive Electricians at Willard, Ohio

  • CSXT (B&O) Road Electricians around Willard, Ohio

IBEW #1142 - Norfolk, Virginia

  • CSXT Locomotive Electricians at Richmond, Virginia

IBEW #1625 - Corbin, Kentucky

  • CSXT Locomotive Electricians at Evansville, Indiana

  • CSXT (L&N) Road Electricians in western Kentucky

IBEW #1923 - Hamlet, North Carolina

  • CSXT (SCL) Communications Workers in North Carolina; South Carolina

  • CSXT Locomotive Electricians at Hamlet, Rocky Mount, North Carolina; Charleston, South Carolina

  • CSXT (SCL) Road Electricians in North Carolina; South Carolina

IBEW #1984 - Waycross, Georgia

  • CSXT (SCL) Communications Workers in Georgia

  • CSXT Locomotive Electricians at Tampa/Winston, Florida; Atlanta, Waycross, Georgia

  • CSXT Pier Technicians at Rockport Piers, Tampa, Florida

  • CSXT (L&N, SCL) Road Electricians around Tampa, Florida; in Georgia

IBEW #2149 - New Orleans, Louisiana

  • CSXT Locomotive Electricians at New Orleans, Louisiana

  • CSXT (L&N) Road Electricians around Mobile, Alabama

IBEW #2271 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Conrail Electricians in New Jersey; Pennsylvania

  • CSXT (B&O) Road Electricians around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Last Updated 2/26/2021