What to do if you are injured on the railroad:

Contact an IBEW Designated Legal Counsel as soon as possible if you think the railroad could be responsible for your injury in any way! 

If you need medical assistance, demand to be taken to a hospital first!

  1. Fill out an accident/injury report and keep a copy.

    1. DO NOT claim responsibility for the incident.

    2. Note defective equipment or hazardous conditions on your report as well as whether the conduct of another person contributed to the incident.

    3. List all eyewitnesses on the report and their phone numbers.

    4. Take photos of the scene, if possible.

  2. S​ee your doctor.

    1. See your doctor about any problems​ you have related to the incident. Do not get treatment from a railroad doctor.

    2. DO NOT speak to any railroad official while at the hospital concerning your injury or circumstances surrounding the incident. You have the right to demand they exit the exam/treatment room.

    3. Advise your doctor that this is not a workers' compensation claim and is covered under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA).

  3. Do not give a statement to Claims Representatives.​

    1. Do not give a written or recorded statement to a claims agent or sign anything before discussing the matter with an IBEW Designated Legal Counsel.​

  4. Keep detailed records of all lost wages and expenses, as well as conversations and dates.​

What to tell your Healthcare Provider:

Railroad employees are covered under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA), not workers' compensation.


The patient has the right to choose his/her own provider. It is NOT necessary for the railroad to approve treatment. Medical bills for railroad workers are covered by plans which pay medical expenses for on-the-job injuries.


DO NOT send any records or reports to the railroad without first obtaining authorization from the patient (doctor/patient privilege is not waived). Any unauthorized disclosure to the railroad will violate HIPAA.

Last Updated 1/15/2021

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