There are 4 current Agreements between IBEW and CSXT:


When disputes involving discipline or rules cannot be resolved on-property between System Council No. 9, IBEW and CSXT Labor Relations, the System Council has the option to pursue the matter through arbitration. The process is overseen by the National Mediation Board, an entity of the federal government which also funds arbitration.


Our cases with CSXT are handled by 4 Public Law Boards (PLBs):

  • PLB 6964 - Discipline disputes on behalf of CSXT Communications Workers and Road Electricians

  • PLB 6965 - Discipline disputes on behalf of CSXT Locomotive Electricians

  • PLB 7809 - Rules disputes on behalf of CSXT Locomotive and Road Electricians

  • PLB 7876 - Rules disputes on behalf of CSXT Communications Workers

To review recent arbitration results, CLICK HERE.


Toledo Docks Negotiations

A tentative agreement was reached and voted on by the members. Votes were tallied on September 20, 2019 and resulted in a rejection of the tentative agreement. Negotiations resumed January 22, 2020 with the IBEW proposing a new path. Then the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a long hiatus in negotiations.


The parties resumed negotiations on February 24, 2021. That new path presented by the IBEW brought a renewed focus on retaining much of the rules and practices currently in place at the Toledo Docks. After some research, the parties will schedule further discussions.


Communications Agreements

CSXT Communications Workers represented by the IBEW are governed by one of two controlling Agreements, both are outdated, especially in terms of work scope. For several years System Council No. 9 has been working to update and combine these Agreements into one modern, comprehensive Agreement. General Chairman/Secretary-Treasurer Giuliano has placed a greater focus on this matter.


CSXT Payroll should be made aware of each employee's certifications (CDL, FCC license, etc). Email attaching a valid copy of any license or certification you may have. Advise Payroll what is attached, and request the information be reflected in JobTrax.


2021 CSXT IBEW Communications Workers 

2021 CSXT Locomotive Electricians

2021 CSXT Road Electricians (Road Electricians on former Conrail properties are listed on Locomotive Electrician rosters)

2021 CSXT Toledo Docks Electricians

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