System Council No. 9 is one of six system councils within the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers' Railroad Department. We represent several hundred IBEW railroaders who live and work across 24 states in the Eastern United States. Our members belong to 21 IBEW Local Unions and are the finest railroad electricians, communications workers, pier technicians, and signal maintainers working in the rail industry today.

The IBEW has given System Council No. 9 jurisdiction over the following work when performed for five rail carriers:

ALSTOM holds the maintenance contract for rolling stock on the Brunswick and Camden Lines of Maryland Area Regional Commuter (MARC), a commuter rail system in the greater Baltimore-Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Alstom employs over a dozen of our members as electricians and contract foremen.

CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAY provides employment for approximately 25 of our members as communications workers across its Grand Trunk Western territory, in addition to a small handful of locomotive electricians.

CONSOLIDATED RAIL CORPORATION (CONRAIL), once the nation's primary Class I railroad, today Conrail Shared Assets Operations employs over 30 of our members as communications workers and electricians.

CSX TRANSPORTATION, INC. is System Council No. 9's largest rail carrier, and the third largest Class I Railroad in the United States. Several hundred of our members work for CSXT as locomotive electricians, communications workers, road electricians, and pier technicians.

NEW ENGLAND CENTRAL RAILROAD provides employment for a handful of our members employed as signal maintainers on their line running from Alburgh, Vermont, to New London, Connecticut.


This System Council is maintained for the purpose of facilitating the work of IBEW members, for the perfection of the Organization, and for the means by which the work shall be handled for the interests of those employed in our branch of the craft, and in keeping each member informed of all conditions in which we are interested.

The necessity of establishing a closer affiliation is recognized and to this end we pledge ourselves; to labor united, and to perpetuate the permanency of a concrete organization which shall have for its object the uplift of all Electrical Workers.



For carrier-specific information, visit our "Affiliated Railroads" Page.

The IBEW Railroad Legislative Departments are collecting information detailing how negatively impacted we are by Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR).

An email address – psrsurvey@ibew.org – has been set up specifically for reporting any applicable information including evidence of:

  • Crossing crafts

  • Managers signing off work, especially safety-sensitive work, Blue Cards

  • Managers “deferring” safety-sensitive work items, FRA defects

  • Deplorable working conditions, cleanliness issues, facilities in disrepair

  • Management cutting corners

  • Insufficient or poor condition of supplies/tools/PPE

  • Unsafe working conditions (one-man road trips, oil-covered locomotives, unsafe vehicles, etc)


The more detailed info we receive, the better chance we have of something being done about it.

For National Freight Railroad Contract Negotiations information, visit www.ibew.org/Railroad

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Last Updated 6/12/2021