The dissolution of System Council No. 9, IBEW, will begin September 15, 2021.


The responsibilities of System Council No. 9 will be delegated to other existing IBEW System Councils as follows:

Members employed by CSXT, Conrail, New England Central Railroad will be represented by System Council No. 6 under General Chairman Tom Owens, who can be reached at or 865-692-3533

Members employed by Alstom will be represented by System Council No. 7 under General Chairman Arthur Davidson, who can be contacted at or 215-336-1053

Members employed by Grand Trunk Western Railroad (CN) will be represented by System Council No. 16 under General Chairman Jeff Allred. He can be reached at or 651-438-2927

Effective September 15, 2021, all correspondence should be directed to your new System Council.


For carrier-specific information, visit our "Affiliated Railroads" Page.

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Last Updated 9/14/2021